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Will Thailand Go Through a "Zombie Apocalypse"?

Transcript of the above video:

For those who are watching this video who are wondering "why is he talking about a zombie apocalypse"? Well a recent article from the Pattaya Mail, that is, the article is titled: Debates Rage about the Five Future Scenarios for Pattaya. Just to take one excerpt out of this: “The Zombie Apocalypse. This ultra-pessimistic view, much loved by some keyboard warriors, assumes that Pattaya's tourist collapse is permanent as the Coronavirus ravages will go on and on. The only people remaining will be a Zombie crowd of bored expats who can't find anything to do now that alcohol has been closed off as an avenue of communal pleasure. A variation on this theme is the ghost city future in which padlocks, crumbling edifices and pneumatic drills become the new normal throughout Pattaya and Jomtien." Yeah, I urge folks to go check this out again: Debates Rage about the Five Future Scenarios for Pattaya, that is

I have seen a lot out there. Like they say in the article, the keyboard warriors, a lot of folks are talking about this. Thailand will never recover; this is the end times effectively for tourism. I am not being funny in the sense that I have done a lot of videos talking about yeah it is bad. The impact on tourism in this country is staggering. That said, look Thailand has had setbacks before and as they say: "this too shall pass." When is a very good question. I would love to know that. I hope it is sooner rather than later. As we have noted before in other videos, I don't think that this is going to last forever. In fact people were just in my opinion, maybe were a little bit unjustifiably optimistic back at about the halfway point of the year back right about Songkran, right before we went into this most recent prolonged lockdown. Hopefully we have learned some lessons most notably that perhaps lockdown is not the best strategy for dealing with this situation because perhaps for lack of a better term "the cure is worse than the disease", especially in an economic sense and in a societal sense as well. Setting all of that aside, yeah I think going back we may have been a little bit more optimistic than we otherwise should have been and I mean everybody. I think there has been a lot of blame cast about at various actors especially in the Government, and the Government certainly they have some responsibilities especially with respect to policies they promulgated but I think everybody was optimistic especially back in March of this year. Things changed, relatively rapidly and I think they could change relatively rapidly back for the better, in fact I hope they do sooner rather than later.

So my opinion is and again I urge folks to go ahead and read that article, there is a lot going on in there; very interesting insights about the various thought processes behind where Thailand's future is going to be. As with everything, I think it will be somewhere in the middle; a piece of everything that is noted in that. As far as the "zombie apocalypse" yeah parts of Thailand especially the tourism regions are heavily, negatively impacted by this but things change, things pass. Hopefully, I think we are hoping we are seeing a dawning of at least some more opening up here in Thailand, some more easing so that we can go into what is usually described as the high season; we can go into the high season with some more hope than we have had in the past few months.