Is Increased VAT on Online Purchases Likely in the Future?

It seems likely that very shortly online purchases in Thailand will have increased amounts of Value Added Tax (VAT) assessed.

Things to Think About Before Becoming a Teacher in Thailand

Teaching in Thailand can be rewarding, but there are many legalities to consider.

Labor Department Regulations Pertaining to Work Permits Changing

The rules and regulations pertaining to Thai work authorization are in a state of flux.

What is the Difference between Thai Business Visa and Work Permit?

There is some confusion about the difference between a work permit and a business visa in Thailand.

Comparing Amity Treaty Companies With BOI Companies

Thai Companies certified pursuant to the US-Thai Treaty of Amity have different regulatory compliance requirements as well as attributes compared to companies formed under the Thai Board of Investment (BOI).

Thailand Business Law: Formalities Regarding Shareholders

In Thailand, relevant corporate law requires that Thai companies maintain a minimum number of shareholders.

Usage of American LLC Corporate Structures for US Citizens Abroad

In some cases, an American LLC (Limited Liability Company) can be very useful for United States Citizens living and working abroad.

The United States: One of the Best Offshore Jurisdictions

Although not often described as such, the USA can be a very stable and beneficial "offshore" investment destination for non-US Citizens or residents.

Labor Officials in Thailand Mull the Possibility of Revising Foreign Occupational Restrictions

Thai Labor Ministry officials have broached the subject of possibly changing the restrictions on the types of work that foreign nationals are restricted from performing in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Third Country Nationals and US-Thai Amity Treaty Companies

Citizens or Nationals of countries other than the USA are not permitted to be on the board or list of shareholders of companies with Amity Treaty certification.