Music Licensing for those Operating Restaurants or Bars in Thailand

Those in the Food & Beverage or Entertainment business are usually well aware of the requirement that such operations obtain licensing to air music either "canned" or live.

Trademark Registration In Thailand

Registering a trademark in Thailand is important. This is especially true as Thailand has not signed on to international agreements regarding international recognition of trademarks.

Board of Investment (BOI) Registration of a Company in Thailand

In Thailand, Board of Investment (BOI) certification can have substantially beneficial aspects for foreign investors and proprietors.

Thai Corporate Tax Exemption with Board of Investment (BOI) Certification

There are number of different types of tax exemption provided under the BOI scheme, but tax exemption is certainly the most immediately appreciable.

Thailand and Cambodia Enact Double Tax Agreement

A new double tax agreement has been agreed upon by officials from Thailand and Cambodia.

Thailand Corporate Tax Compliance: E-Filing Mandatory

It is now a legal requirement that corporate taxes in Thailand be filed online.

US Embassy Bangkok, Thailand: Announcement Regarding Social Security

Recently, the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand announced that all matters pertaining to expat social security will be dealt with through the Social Security office in Manlia, Philippines.

Visa and Work Permit Benefits Under the BOI in Thailand

Certification by the Board of Investment in Thailand can result in substantial benefits with respect to immigration and foreign work authorization.

Secretarial Services for a Company Registered in Thailand

Companies registered in Thailand are often in need for secretarial or administrative services in order to keep up with the legal maintenance requirements in Thailand.