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Thai Business Visa Applications in 2020

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Thai B Visas, so-called Business Visas here in the Kingdom of Thailand and applications associated with those who wish to come to Thailand for business purposes or to work.  

Now year to year things don't change overly much with respect to Thai Immigration from one calendar year to another. 

That being stated, we do see administrative changes being brought forth right around the first of the year. This is very different from US Immigration. US Immigration things tend to change in a more gradual manner over time. With respect to Thai Immigration, we oftentimes do see changes very early on in the year. When the year turns over, they implement new protocols, implement new rules. Last year for example we saw the end of Income Affidavits associated with things like Retirement Visas and O Marriage Visas.  We saw implementation of rules with respect to money in the Bank; showing financial resources. That came about in the first quarter last year. We also saw them tighten up on scrutiny with respective Business Visas. This year we are still seeing certain things like a heightened scrutiny. We are still seeing things shake out. 

That being stated, I think it is safe to presume that certain themes from 2019 will likely be carried forward into 2020, so things again like heightened scrutiny continue to be there. Documentation, especially with respect to Business Visas, is of key importance. Maintaining proper and appropriate and up-to-date Thai Corporate Tax Documentation, Personal Tax Documentation, Social Security Documentation etc., all of this is part and parcel with maintaining status in Thailand especially in the context of a Business visa extension

So the thing to take away from this video is again we haven't seen any major earth shattering changes and we will certainly update is channel as those would come about. Presumably they won't; perhaps hopefully they won't but if there are changes we will update you. We haven't seen any as of yet. That being said, 2019 was a big year and we are still seeing the overall policies brought forth in 2019 being implemented and we have yet to actually see the finer points of that implementation and we are seeing that play out currently in 2020.