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Amended Personal Tax Documentation and Thai Business Visa Extension

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing Business Visa Extensions and we are discussing Personal Income Tax

Now what do the two of these have to do with one another?  Well there are a great many documents that need to be submitted in support of a Business Visa Extension application and failure to have this documentation in good order or in good order pursuant to what the Immigration Division feels as good order, failure to have it that way can result in a Business Visa extension being denied, a person having to leave the country and come back in to maintain their status and basically starting all over from scratch.

Personal Income tax documentation is filed in just like any other country. Thailand has an income tax; it is a progressive income tax. It rises based on the amount of income an individual is earning and for that reason it has to be filed correctly. In the past, there was kind of a cavalier attitude toward this support documentation because in the past, if there was an issue with one's tax documentation when one got to the Immigration Division, it was possible to just leave, go and get the documentation amended, come back with the amended documents and Immigration would go ahead and accept that. More and more that is being viewed, in my opinion, by the apparatus as being either pretensive or pretextual and therefore they are looking askance on it. They don't really like to see that and in fact I have seen situations where a person has simply been denied their B Visa extension notwithstanding their Personal Tax documentation was amended because the Officer just simply said "No, you need to start over. You need to leave the country come back in, start from square one",  and it is for this reason we created the Corporate Services and Accounting Division of our firm because although it is seemingly unrelated, Accounting and Corporate Compliance is so integral to Visa extension or Work Permit extension here in Thailand that we felt it was just necessary that many of these things needed to just be kept in-house in order to provide the best possible service and coverage for our clients. 

So it is a good idea not only sometimes to have professional assistance with a Business Visa as well as a Work Permit, but also to have assistance in maintaining corporate compliance and maintaining corporate accounting and in this case, personal income accounting although attached with respect to being an employee of a Thai company, and also to just maintain all those things because failure to do so can result in problems when trying to seek a business visa extension in the future.