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WP10 Temporary Work Authorization in Thailand

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing work authorization in Thailand. While we mostly do videos on Work Permits proper here, there is a temporary work authorization, also known as WP10, that is not really often discussed but it does exist. In fact like many things that are kind of idiosyncratic within a bureaucracy, I often find the things that aren't done as often are kind of more difficult to deal with notwithstanding the fact that they provide less benefit; WP10 would fall into that kind of category. That being said, sometimes it is really, really necessary because it really is work of a temporary nature and it is work that needs to be undertaken quite quickly. 

So, generally speaking WP10 is only going to be issued for a duration of about 15 days. In the past there was a discretionary aspect to the filing of applications for WP10. Specifically Labor Department Officials had to be, for lack of better term, convinced that a Thai National could not undertake the work before WP10 would ultimately be processed. That component has now been sort of lifted from the WP10 process.

That being stated, there are only certain types of tasks for which WP10 can be approved. Just from my bullet points here that I am going to go through, there are currently 16 different categories: one is organizing meetings trainings or seminars, special academic lectures, aviation management, occasional internal audits, investigating and resolving technology issues, quality control inspections, inspections or improvements of manufacturing, inspections or repairs of machinery or electric systems, installation or repairs of machinery, maintenance of electric rail systems, maintenance of airplanes and aviation systems, advising on repairs to machinery or machinery systems, demonstrating and testing machinery, motion picture filming and still photography; (we actually see WP10 the most volume I ever see it in, is in the context of motion pictures), recruiting employees for work outside Thailand, testing skills of technicians who are going to be working outside of Thailand. So that is my sort of bullet points.

Those are going to be the main undertakings that one can go ahead and get a WP10 approved for and once one has their WP10, again they can come in for a very short period of time, they are considered work authorized, they come in, they do what they were assigned to do and then they need to leave within their specified period of time in order to maintain compliance with relevant Thai Immigration and Labor Law.