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Thai Amity Treaty Companies: An Option for American Firms Leaving China?

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the US-Thai Treaty of Amity and specifically the incorporation of a Thai Company to be certified under the Amity Treaty in order to do business here in Thailand. 

I am specifically making this video in the context of possible American Business leaving China during the sort of ongoing “Trade War”, the changes to the business environment, the regulatory environment regarding tariffs and trade restrictions between the United States and China and just sort of the general state of flux that we are in with respect to Chinese-American Business. 

I am making this video to urge American businesses to have a look at Thailand because the Treaty of Amity is and can be a substantial benefit for American businesses not only from the standpoint of being able to enjoy a lot of the benefits of doing business here in Thailand which is the oldest ally of the United States in Asia and has one of the oldest Treaty relationships with the United States, but also there may be tax benefits associated with a Company set up down here in Thailand especially like manufacturing companies in Thailand as well as tech companies.  I have made other videos and I have done a great deal of analysis on the possible tax benefits or tax ramifications especially under the so-called Trump Tax Regime and I am going to go ahead and put the links in the description below to some rather detailed analysis I have done with respect to relevant tax law and how the American Amity Treaty will operate in such a way that it can be beneficial for American businesses here in Thailand when compared to other "offshore" jurisdictions. 

To provide kind of a sneak peek with respect to that information, with respect to that analysis for example it is my opinion that pursuant to the provisions of the Treaty and pursuant to relevant US tax law, the Tax code, the American Amity Treaty certified businesses, Amity Companies, are not necessarily going to be considered what are called Controlled Foreign Corporations which has a substantial impact on how one assesses tax ramifications of such an enterprise because if and I believe that they are pursuant to American law, if Amity treaty Companies are domestic corporations than we don't have to deal with the analysis under Trump Tax with respect to controlled foreign corporations. I am not going to get too much more detailed into that I have done the analysis on it. Again the links are in the description below but the thing to take away from this video is companies looking to move out of China especially or anybody looking to do business abroad, the Amity Treaty may be one of the greatest boons to such concerns and Thailand may be a great place to reorganize oneself you know if removing oneself from China, it may be a great place to relocate in order to do business in trading with the United States of America.