Thai Condo Transfer Issues

A talk to provide some information on certain things that a foreign national needs to be aware of when buying or selling a condo in Thailand specifically with regard to finances and taxes.

Are There Taxes On Thai Condo Sales?

A talk regarding the buying and selling of a Condo in Thailand specifically regarding taxes that may be levied from the sale of a condo which will depend on the length of time the condo has been owned by the seller.

Bank Account Issues With Thai Condo Transfer?

A talk on purchasing a condo in Thailand specifically if one is a foreigner in that there are banking formalities associated with the funds which must be brought in from overseas.

Does The Seller Actually Own The Property?

A talk on buying a property here in Thailand specifically in the context of due diligence and the reasons behind why it is necessary.

Americans Are The Third Largest Buyers Of Thai Condos?

Some information regarding ownership of Thai condos specifically which nationalities top the list of foreign condo buyers in Thailand.

Thai Banking Issues Associated With Condo Transfer

This talk goes into one issue that foreigners may come up against when purchasing a condo in Thailand which may need the help of a legal professional.

Thai Condo Purchase, Due Diligence, And Fake Lawyers?

This talk goes into another incident regarding purchasing a condo in Thailand via the use 'fake lawyer' who was a foreigner and therefore working in a restricted occupation.