Receipt Notice Issues In K-1 Visa Cases?

This is a discussion on the K-1 Visa process specifically the problems with delays that have been occurring with issuing Receipt Notices.

CLARIFICATION Regarding Online 90 Day Reporting To Thai Immigration

This video is to clarify the timeline issue for the online 90 Day reporting system following some information from a reader of our YouTube channel.

A Free Trade Agreement "Between Thailand And The European Union"?

This talk goes into a proposed free trade between Thailand and the EU which is good news even though Thai Authorities will also need focus on protecting the local Labour Market.

"Source Of Funds" A Part Of Thai Privilege Visa Process?

A discussion regarding the Thai Privilege Visa card which concerns Thai Law Enforcement as criminals of dubious nature are managing to utilize this type of visa to enter Thailand.

Comparing Thai Long Stay Visa Options

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6 Year Overstayer Arrested In Thailand?

This article goes into some negative ramifications resulting from overstaying one's visa, not least of which is being subject to a ban from re-entering Thailand for a lengthy period of time.

Thai Authorities Not Concerned About "Visa Abuse"?

This talk goes into Thai Immigration specifically that the personnel seem more proactive now even though the system now includes biometrics and other new technology.