Tour Guide to Remain an Occupation Restricted to Thais in Thailand

The occupation of tour guide is to remain restricted to only Thai nationals in the Kingdom of Thailand.

An Analysis of Long Term Specialized Visas in Thailand

Recently, Thai authorities have discussed new long term specialized visa categories. These coupled with previous long term immigration benefits should be analyzed to decide if they can be of use to specific foreigners in Thailand.

Are Children Born in Thailand Automatically Thai Citizens?

Birth in the Kingdom of Thailand does not automatically confer Thai citizenship, but there are exceptions to this rule.

DNA Testing for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA)

A Consular Report of Birth Abroad transmits nationality from a US Citizen parent to that parent's child born abroad. In some cases, a DNA test is required to prove parentage.

The One Stop Visa and Work Permit Center in Thailand

For certain companies, it may be possible to enjoy expedited visa and work permit processing at the 1 stop immigration centers in Thailand.

Thai Immigration and Visa Documentation: The TM 6 Card

The TM 6 card, or the arrival/departure card, is a routine aspect of immigration and visa processing in Thailand.

Thai Immigration Authorities Take Measures to Decrease Processing Time of Incoming Travelers

Recently, Immigration officials in Thailand have taken steps to speed up the processing times associated with arrivals and departures at visa checkpoints in Thailand.

Thai Immigration Officials Reviewing a Proposal for 4 Year Smart Visa

Recently, it was noted that Immigration officials in Thailand were reviewing a plan to implement a 4 year smart visa. As yet, the plan has yet to be implemented.

DHS Requiring Interviews in More US Visa Cases

In more employment based visa cases, Department of Homeland Security officers are requiring in-person interviews

Possible US Visa Sanctions Against Cambodian Nationals

Certain restrictions have been placed upon US visa issuance for Cambodian nationals.