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The Royal Thai Embassy in Vienna, Austria

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing the Royal Thai Embassy in Vienna, Austria.  The address of that post is:

Royal Thai Embassy, 
Cottagegasse 48, A-1180 
Vienna, Austria 

The telephone number is (+ 43) 01 478 3335. 

We make these videos presuming that the folks watching them are usually people that are seeking a Thai Visa. It should be understood that different Embassies, different missions to different countries, process things differently. So the visa requirements in one country for a Thai Visa may differ compared to another country and different categories of visas may be issued in different ways. 

Also, it should be noted the personnel within those Embassies may have different guidelines for adjudication of visa applications so for example the type of evidentiary documentation which may work in one Embassy, for example Austria, may not work the same way for example in Finland or even in Germany or Switzerland for that matter; it varies slightly from post to post. Some of this comes from, it has just built up over time, the different protocols, but it can have a dramatic impact on those that are seeking Thai visas at different post abroad. So what may work in one place may not work in another. 

The other thing is categories of visas in one place may be issued and they may not be issued in another. Depending on the Consulate or Embassy you are dealing with, that Consulate or Embassy may or may not have the ability to even issue the type of Visa one is seeking. 

To sort of sum it up, if you are feeling overwhelmed or you feel like you need some guidance in how best to deal with this, it is not a terrible idea to contact a legal professional that deals with Thai Immigration on a regular basis in order to gain some insight into how this process works.