The I-864 Affidavit of Support

The affidavit of support is critical for an immigration petitioner to prove an ability to support a spouse in the USA

Further Talk of Tougher Immigration Policy in the United States

Recent incidents have resulted in discussion of curbs to so-called "Chain Migration".

K-1 Visa Thailand: The DS-160

The DS-160 form is an integral component of the process of obtaining a K-1 fiancee visa for a Thai fiancee.

Visa Processing at US Embassy Bangkok: The Fraud Prevention Unit

The Fraud Prevention Unit assists in the US visa application adjudication process.

US Visa Thailand: Medical Exam Requirements for Consular Processing

The medical examination is a significant phase in the K-1 and Immigrant visa process.

USA Visa Thailand: Embassy Rules and Police Background Check

The police clearance is an important document necessary to process a US visa application from Thailand.

US Visa Thailand: Consular Processing Explained

Consular Processing is differs based upon the US Embassy or Consulate concerned. Bangkok, Thailand is no different.

US Visas and the Child Citizenship Act: the I-864W Affidavit of Support

The I-864 is effectively a waiver of a support affidavit.

The I-864P and the Affidavit of Support

The income threshold for sponsoring a foreign fiancee or spouse for a US visa is generally 125% of the Federal poverty guidelines.

American Immigration from Thailand: US Visa Processing

The process of obtaining a US visa for a Thai loved one can be daunting.