US Visa and Immigration: The P-2 Visa

P-2 visas are specifically utilized by certain types of performers.

American Visas and Immigration: The P-3 Visa

The P-3 visa category can be useful for performers traveling to the USA.

Immigrant Intent in the Context of US Marriage and K1 Fiancée Visas

The issue of genuine immigrant intent is important in the context for family based visa petitions/applications.

Are US Tourist Visa Applications Often Denied by the US Embassy?

Under section 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, a Consular Officer at a US Embassy or Consulate abroad can deny a tourist visa application if analysis of the applicant's circumstances does not comport with the "strong ties vs. weak ties" analysis inherent in the statute.

The P-1 Visa

The P-1(A) visa is designed for foreign athletes who wish to travel to the USA for competition.

Adjustment of Status (I-485) and Lift of Conditions Explained

In order to obtain lawful permanent residence after arrival in the USA on a fiancee visa, the adjustment of status process must be completed.

US Visa from Thailand: The EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 visa is very useful for those from Thailand who wish to invest in the USA and seek lawful permanent residence (aka Green Card status).

SB-1 Visas and Maintenance of Permanent Residence

Forestalling the presumption of residence abandonment in the USA is important. The SB-1 visa is designed to allow permanent residents (Green Card holders) who have been abroad for a significant period to return to the USA.

American Immigration and Visas: The Fraud Referral Sheet for I-130s

Officers tasked with adjudicating immigration matters sometimes use a checklist called the fraud referral sheet to facilitate efficient findings.

The K-1 Visa Processed in Thailand: Packet 3

Packet 3 is an integral part of Consular processing of a K-1 application through the Immigrant Visa Unit and the US Embassy in Bangkok.