Will There Ever Be a Single ASEAN Visa Scheme?

The members of ASEAN have discussed a single visa scheme for some time, but nothing has even come from the discussions.

Update Regarding the 4 Year Smart Visa

Further information regarding the implementation of the 4 year smart visa program under the auspices of the Board of Investment in Thailand.

USCBP Press Release Regarding Border Search of Electronic Devices

Customs and Border Protection Officials in the USA have recently made announcement with respect to the search of electronic devices.

US Visa and Immigration News: Trump's National Vetting Center

The Trump administration has announced the creation of a National Vetting Center.

Thai Visa Update: Overstay Enforcement Activity Increased

Immigration officers in Thailand are becoming increasingly diligent in efforts to curb illegal immigration in the country.

Recent Developments with Respect to Work Permit Applications in Thailand

Recent regulatory changes with respect to work permits may prove problematic for those who have had a work permit in the past.

Update On Immigration Reform Under the Trump Administration

As the Trump administration continues, further discussion of reforming the immigration system seem likely to be enacted at a policy or legislative level.

The American Visa Process: Update on the National Vetting Center

Currently the immigration process is changing as the current administration establishes the National Vetting Center.

Thailand Visa News: Operation Outlaw Foreigner

Crackdowns and raids by Immigration police in Thailand are becoming increasingly common.

Thailand Immigration Update: Information About Further Crackdowns

Information about crackdowns surrounding the Operation X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner initiative stemming from the "Good Guys in Bad Guys Out" program.