Thailand Visa and Immigration News

Updates regarding "Good Guys in Bad Guys Out" etc.

Decreasing Number of Thai 1-Year Multiple Entry O Visas Issued

It appears as though the rate of Thai Multi Entry O visa issuance is in decline.

Information about Crackdown on Thai ED Visa Holders

Holders of Thai educations visas are increasingly being subject to scrutiny from Thai Immigration Enforcement Officers.

Tips When Applying for a Tourist Visa to Thailand

As Thai Immigration regulations continue to tighten some tips may be helpful for those seeking a tourist visa to Thailand.

More Crackdowns and Immigration Enforcement Activities in Thailand

Thai Immigration Police are ramping up their enforcement activities, often to the detriment of overstayers and criminals in Thailand.

Are Immigration Police Targeting ED Visa Holders in Thailand?

It would appear that Immigration authorities in Thailand are targeting those with ED visas based upon the pre-supposition that they are being used pretextually.

Improved Immigration Enforcement and Visa Blacklisting in Thailand

Technological advances will allow Thai Immigration officials to forestall previously deported aliens from reentering the Kingdom.

Thai Consulate in Penang Limits the Number of Thai Visa Applications

It appears that the Thai Consulate in Penang, Malaysia is limiting the number of visa applications accepted per day. This is likely to have ramifications in such a popular post.

Will Social Media Information Be Required in US Visa Applications?

It seems as though social media information is likely to be required from US visa applicants in the future.

Restrictions on Thai 1 Year Multi Entry B Visas Issued from Penang

There are tighter restrictions being placed upon those seeking Thai 1 year multiple entry B visas from Penang, Malaysia.