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Waiver of Thai Immigration 90 Day Reports Extended Due to COVID-19

Transcript of the above video:

As the title of this video suggests, we are discussing 90-day reporting which is a requirement by Thai Immigration for non-immigrants here in the Kingdom of Thailand. Arguably it could also be a requirement placed on those who are now in Thailand maintaining their lawful status via the Amnesty or the automatic Thai visa extension which has been granted by Thai Immigration Officers in response to the COVID-19 or Coronavirus crisis. 

For those who are unaware, there is a requirement that those who maintain nonimmigrant status here in the Kingdom for a prolonged period of time, most notably these type of visas are extended in one year increments, it is required that those folks check in every 90 days to report their address on a continuing basis. As COVID-19 broke out and as Thai Immigration had to deal with the ramifications; there a lot of people at Thai Immigration on any given day just for standard routine stuff, and Thai Immigration had to go ahead and deal with the fact that social distancing may not be particularly optimal just due to the volume and I think Thai Immigration went out of their way, there are photos out there on the internet, to try and take undertake social distancing protocols. But long story short with respect to this video, 90 day reporting was waived in the initial Visa amnesty. They basically came out with a Visa Amnesty from 26 March onward, if your Visa expires within that time period you don't have to do a visa extension. As part of that they also instituted a waiver of 90-day reporting.

Now as I have explained in prior videos, the non-immigrant Visa categories in my opinion and based on the information we have gotten from the announcement itself, the interpretations being undertaken by various Immigration Officers that we have had clients and folks commenting on this channel talking about, as well as direct communication with Thai Immigration directly, the Non-immigrant Visa categories apparently are not covered under this amnesty. That being stated, notwithstanding the fact you may still have to do your non-immigrant visa extension here in Thailand, you do not have to do 90-day reporting; so you do not have to continue to report your address every 90 days and this is due to the fact that they want to decrease crowds out at Thai Immigration.

I am going to go ahead and throw this up here. This is an image; it is an announcement from Thai Immigration and I will go ahead and quote it.  “The Second Automatic visa extension for foreigners: no need to extend Visa, no need to do 90-day reporting, no need to pay fees, no need to submit documents. Everything will be done automatically."

So, if you are in Thailand from March 26th and this has been extended out to July 31st, 2020, you do not have to do 90-day reports. The people that are in Amnesty status, the folks that are in Non-immigrant status are now exempted from doing 90-day reports. That being stated if you are in non-immigrant status here in Thailand and your Visa is expiring in that period, it is required based on what we have discussed with Immigration officers as well as our interpretation of the law itself, it is required that you extend your status lest you possibly fall into overstay here in the Kingdom of Thailand.