Amended Personal Tax Documentation and Thai Work Permit Application

Information about personal taxes and the work permit application process in Thailand.

Amended Social Security Documentation and Thai Business Visa Extension

Maintaining lawful business visa status in Thailand requires documentation pertaining to Thai social security contributions.

Amended Social Security Documentation and Thai Work Permit Application

Thai work permit applications can be effected by the posture of a company's social security filings.

Work Permits in Thailand: How Many Thai Employees Are Needed?

As a general rule, there is a ratio of the number of Thai employees necessary to maintain a work permit for each foreigner of a company.

Thai Work Permit: Bangkok Employment Office Area 1

Information on the newly devolved district employment offices in Bangkok.

Thai Staffing Issues Arising From the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

For foreign small businesses the issue of work permit and visa maintenance may arise in the context of foreign staff dismissal due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Reopening a Thai Business in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Information on the formalities associated with reopening a company in Thailand after the COVID-19 lockdown ends.

Reopening a Restaurant in Thailand in the Aftermath of COVID-19

Analysis on the issues associated with getting a restaurant business back up and running after the coronavirus shutdown.

Temporary Withholding Tax Cut in Thailand in Response to COVID-19

The Thai Revenue Department has taken measures to relieve businesses of certain tax burdens.

Easing COVID-19 Lock Down in Thailand: Phase 2

Insights into the second phase of the lock down easing in Thailand.