What is the Thai Tax Clearance Certificate?

Foreigners earning money in Thailand may be prudent to understand how the Thai tax clearance system operates.

Thai Immigration's TM30 Enforcement: The Tax Connection

Those being required to file TM 30 may be unaware that the Thai revenue department may be as interested in the relevant information as Thai Immigration authorities.

Annual Personal Income Tax Return Filing in Thailand

Those with income in Thailand, even expats, tourists, or illegal foreigners, need to file their personal income taxes.

Hotline for Complaining About Thai Customs

There is a hotline for lodging complaints against the Customs Department in Thailand.

Do YouTubers in Thailand Need to Pay Taxes?

Do those using Youtube in Thailand need to pay taxes on the revenue?

Corporate Maintenance and Thai Work Permits

Maintaining corporate and tax compliance in Thailand is integral to maintaining one's work authorization and business visa status.

Work Permits in Thailand: Do I Need a Company?

Those wishing to work in Thailand must have a work permit sponsor. This can be difficult for those who are looking to start a business or be self-employed.

Amended Corporate Tax Documentation and Thai Business Visa Extension

Thai B visa extension applications require documentation pertaining to corporate income tax.

Amended Corporate Tax Documents and Thai Work Permits

Work permit applications in Thailand require documentation pertaining to corporate tax for the company sponsoring the application.

Amended Personal Tax Documentation and Thai Business Visa Extension

One's personal income tax filing history can impact an application for a Thai business visa extension.