Is Gambling Legal in Thailand?

Information about gambling and gaming law in Thailand.

Surrogacy, Customs, Criminal law in Thailand

Surrogacy, once a common practice in Thailand, is now commonly associated with customs issues and criminal penalties.

Information Regarding the New Customs Act in Thailand

Authorities in Thailand have updated and re-codified many aspects of the customs laws.

Recently Promulgated Labor Ministry Work Permit Penalties Under Review

The Thai Ministry of Labor recently promulgated new rules, fines, and penalties associated with work authorization, or lack thereof, in Thailand. A moratorium has been placed on these rules and they are being reviewed before further enactment.

Comparing Thai and American Criminal Law: Precedent

Criminal jurisprudence, unlike American jurisprudence, does not routinely utilize precedent when making findings of fact and conclusions of law.

E-Cigarette and Vaping Usage May Result in Criminal Penalties in Thailand

Although commonly utilized by those in the USA and around the world, so-called e-cigarettes and "vaping" devices can lead to criminal citations for those using them in Thailand.

Customs Enforcement Becoming Stricter in Thailand

Customs officials in Thailand are applying relevant laws and fines in a increasingly stringent manner.

Thailand Anti-Smoking Laws Get Tougher

Laws, regulations, and fines related to smoking in Thailand are becoming increasingly strictly and more stringently enforced.

Recent Changes to Laws Regarding Firearms in Thailand

In recent weeks, changes to the firearm registration rules have resulted in a legal exclusion of foreign nationals from firearm ownership in Thailand.

Is Medical Marijuana About To Be Legalized In Thailand?

There has been discussion about relaxing criminal sanctions against marijuana users in a medical context.