"Big Joke" and Thai Law Enforcement's Excellent Adventure

An update on "Big Joke", a well known figure in the Thai Police Force who is now taking a proactive approach to Law Enforcement in general in much the same was as he did with Immigration matters.

The Legality of Pornography in Thailand?

Another discussion on an article regarding pornography in Thailand indicating that it is considered extremely illegal and the consequences are extremely severe.

Thai Visa Revocation, Deportation, and Extradition

A discussion on a recent article and some information regarding the different options available to Thai Immigration if one's visa is revoked.

What Is Jail Like in Thailand?

A talk on jails and prisons in Thailand which as can be understood are intended to be a deterrent to crime and therefore are not pleasant to be in.

"Big Joke" Cracks Down on Thai Immigration?

An update on "Big Joke" who is now Assistant National Police Chief but still keeps his eye on Immigration matters.

Foreigners: Tread Carefully in Cannabis Space

A discussion and some insight on Cannabis in Thailand and businesses associated with Cannabis as it is highly restricted to foreigners so must be considered carefully.

Why Do Some Foreigners Flout Thai Law?

A talk on travelling to Thailand and how it seems that many foreigners seem to feel as though they can do as they want when they are here.

Is There Criminal Liability for Cannabis in Thailand?

A discussion on the recent decriminalization of Cannabis in Thailand specifically regarding avoiding flouting Thai Nuisance Laws.

The Chronicle of "Big Joke" Continues in Thailand?

Some more news on Big Joke who is taking action against police officers who are taking bribes.

Thailand Signs "International Code for the Protection of Tourists"?

A talk on an agreement recently signed by Thailand regarding a commitment to the safety and welfare of tourists.