One More Reason to Avoid Thai Immigration Detention

Thai Immigration Detention is a place to avoid for more many reasons and one more reason now includes the possibility of being infected with COVID.

The "Fun Police" in Thailand?

A quick talk and some insight on the recent closures of entertainment venues which have again hit many provinces and the effect this could have on the economic side of things, especially for those venues.

Should Thai Lockdown Measures Be Re-Assessed Every 3 Days?

More talk about the lockdown measures in Thailand and the notion of whether the Government should consider reviewing the situation every 3 days.

COVID Spread in Thailand and the Concept of "Proximate Cause"

A discussion and insight on the meaning of "Proximate Cause" in relation to the difference between people who are innocent in the chain of COVID transmission and those who are aware of their status and knowingly spread it.

Can the Tattletale Media Give It a Rest in Thailand?

Some insight regarding the media and why they find it necessary to snitch on people, especially during such difficult times.

What If I Violate Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) Rules in Thailand?

Some insight and information regarding what the penalties could be if one were to commit any violations to the quarantine rules whilst under quarantine in Thailand.

What Are You Going To Do About It?

Some information and insight on what is happening or may happen in Bangkok as a consequence of the lock-down which has put a lot of people out of business and jobs.

What Are the Consequences for Violating "Phuket Sandbox" Rules?

Some information on the regulations regarding the Phuket "Sandbox" and what could be the outcome if one were to violate those rules and regulations.

Is Thailand Effectively Implementing Prohibition?

A discussion on a proposal to increase the fine for posting photos of alcoholic drinks in Thailand.

Extradition from Thailand

Some information regarding deporting or extradition from Thailand in which oftentimes the Immigration Bureau may also be involved.