"2 Foreigners Arrested" For Intentional Nuisance In Thailand?

This talk goes into another incident regarding 'foreigners behaving badly' which again has resulted in the arrest of both culprits.

Was "Big Joke's" Removal From The Royal Thai Police Procedurally Correct?

This is a discussion on the issue regarding the 'suspension' of "Big Joke" which provides some insight regarding due process in the Thai Police Force.

Does Thailand Have "Strict Laws And Poor Enforcement"?

This talk goes into the issue of Law enforcement in Thailand about which many feel is quite lax when in fact is notably the opposite, especially following the recent spate of 'foreigners behaving badly'.

Thai "Accountant Arrested On Five Warrants" Related To Banking?

This talk is on a recent arrest of a person using 'mule' bank accounts to scam people which has led to a heightened scrutiny on banking in Thailand.

"Weed Club" In Thailand "Raided For E-Cigarettes"?

This talk goes into a raid in Phuket on a shop that sold Cannabis but also dealt in selling e-cigarettes which is considered illegal in Thailand even though the legality of possessing a vape is still nebulous.

"Human Trafficking" Among "Thailand's Top National Agendas"?

This talk goes into the issue of Human Trafficking which Thailand takes very seriously as evidenced by increased enforcement capabilities and the advanced biometric systems now in place.

"4 Months In Detention" For Assaulting A Thai Police Officer?

This talk goes into a likely reasoning behind the decision of the Thai Police Department to release 2 foreigners from detention and permitting them to return to their home country without any apparent adjudication.

Thai Police "Keeping A Close Watch On A Certain Group Of Influencers"?

This talk is on Thai Law Enforcement who are cracking down on influencers working illegally in Thailand which could also extend to working both without work authorization and in restricted occupations.