Businesses Reopening in Thailand's "Dark Red Zones"?

Some news and insight with regards to the gradual easing of lockdowns and the re-opening of some businesses in the "dark red zones" in Thailand.

No Quarantine for Vaccinated Arrivals from November 1st in Thailand?

An update with regards to travel to Thailand without quarantine for those who have been vaccinated which seems to be commencing from November 1, 2021.

Ramifications of Amendments to Thai Communicable Disease Act

A discussion on the Thai Communicable Disease Act to which changes are being proposed which could effectively be making the Emergency Decree permanent.

Could Gambling Save the Thai Tourism Sector?

A discussion and some insight with regards to gambling and whether it could boost the Thai economy by attracting more tourists.

When Did "Health Surveillance" Become a Thing?

A discussion and some insight regarding "health surveillance" while travelling within one's country and if this should be considered a concern.

Singing The "Blues" For Pattaya Reopening?

A discussion and some insight with regards to a proposal being put forward to change the focus in Pattaya from entertainment to business and leisure.

Thai PM Says Thailand Can "Avoid Further Lockdown"

A discussion and some insight on a statement by the Thai PM on Lockdowns and the hope that any additional lockdowns would not be necessary.

Does Thailand Have a "Love-Hate Relationship" with Alcohol?

A quick discussion and some insight on alcohol in Thailand including some history on the Alcohol policy.

Thailand to "Restructure from Mass Tourism"?

Some insight on Thailand's plans for tourism moving forward and if focusing on the "quality market" rather than "mass tourism" is the right way to go.

Could Ganja Save the Thai Tourism Sector?

A quick discussion on Ganja on which Thailand now has a more relaxed stance and if this could help boost Tourism in Thailand.