If Thailand Reopens It Should "Stick"

Some insight with regards to the planned re-opening of Thailand on November 1 and the detrimental impact this would cause if there was another delay.

Only the Fully Vaccinated Can Fly Domestically in Thailand?

Some information with regards to travelling by plane in Thailand and measures that must be adhered to regarding vaccinations and COVID tests.

How Can a Place Be "Public" If "Gatekeepers" Can Discriminate?

A discussion and some insight on a recent article regarding regulations that may be put in place by the Thai Government in order to enter public places.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Suan Dusit Polls

A discussion and some insight with regards to a recent poll taken in Thailand and whether the results actually reflect the overall sentiment in Thailand regarding re-opening.

Accentuate the Positive

A brief discussion and insight on the present situation in Thailand and the hope that things will make a turn for the better very soon.

Prohibition Didn't Work in the USA and Won't Work in Thailand

A discussion and some insight on the alcohol ban in Thailand and whether this is the best policy especially with the reopening of Thailand which is occurring soon.

Alcohol Ban Eases for SOME Thai Provinces?

An update regarding the gradual recommencing of serving of alcohol in Thailand which up until recently had been banned in Thailand due to the COVID pandemic.

Why Is Pattaya Left Out in the "Blue Zone" Cold?

A discussion on the alcohol ban which is easing in some zones with the exclusion so far of Pattaya which has ruffled the feathers of some operators in the resort city.

Is This Truly an Efficient Use of Thai Public Resources?

A discussion on the reopening of Thailand in which alcohol can only be served in some "zones" and the use of police man power in the control of alcohol consumption in "forbidden" zones.

So, No High Season for Thailand This Year?

A discussion and some insight on the tourism industry in Thailand which has faced several setbacks with regards to the delay in reopening which for some areas has now been put back tentatively to mid January 2022.