The Buck Stops Where?

A discussion and some insight with regards to a recent article on the delayed reopening of bars and night clubs and who is actually ultimately making the decisions on this.

Whatever Happened to Medical Privacy?

A general discussion with regards to issues of privacy and most specifically why it has become normal to expect people to disclose their medical history when asked.

Getting Arrested vs Giving Information in Thailand

Some information and insight regarding having an Attorney present when dealing with a Government agency in Thailand.

Thai Bureaucrats Should Stop "Hinting" at Totalitarian Hogwash

Some more discussion on Vaccinations and how they have seem to be becoming the basis for controlling all aspects of our lives.

Is Talk of Thailand's Nightlife Reopening Another "False Start"?

A discussion on a recent article which seemed to indicate that it could be possible that bars and pubs etc. may be opened earlier that originally planned.

Clowns to the Left of Thailand, Jokers to the Right...

Some insight with regards to how much of the whole world is dealing with the COVID situation in that many countries seem to have "lost their minds!"

Will Thailand Lock Down Again?

A discussion on the lockdowns in Thailand and whether this new variant of COVID could result in further lockdowns in Thailand.

"No Plans to Force" Vaccination in Thailand?

A discussion on Vaccinations in Thailand which up to now, there is no mandate or requirement that they are mandatory.

Thai Nightlife "Should Start Gearing Up for the Opening Soon"?

A discussion on the Entertainment Industry in Thailand which has been severely impacted by the lockdown and is hopefully due to open up again soon.

Opacity Regarding Reopening Thailand

Some insight regarding the Reopening of Thailand and the different programs which albeit confusing to tourists, are a step in the right direction.