"We Have No Choice But Protest"

Some information and insight on the protests and the lockdown in Thailand and the effect on the economy and people's livelihood.

Is Further Lockdown the "Best Medicine" for Thailand's "Current Ills"?

A further discussion on lockdowns and whether continuing with the lockdown is in fact the better choice as cases still continue to go up.

A "Thai COVID Pass"?

Some insight with regards to a proposed plan to implement a "COVID Pass" to be used as proof one has been vaccinated and negative ramifications that could arise from its implementation.

Compassion for Whom?

A discussion on a recent comment made on a prior video with regards to repercussions from the lockdown which have other ramifications other than health and loss of life from COVID.

Rejoice! Thai Bank Branches in Malls Can Reopen!

Some insight on a recent announcement regarding the opening of Bank Branches in Malls in Thailand and the Thai Economy which needs to be completely reopened.


Some insight with regards to a recent article on the correlation between pro-active mass testing being carried out and the high number of cases.

Is Singapore's Experience an Example for Thailand?

A discussion on an article regarding Singapore's approach to handling the COVID situation.

Thailand's Reopening on the Horizon?

A discussion on an article regarding the re-opening of Thailand which is being aimed for October.

Credit Where Credit Is Due...

A discussion on a recent article which appears to indicate that the Government may be changing their mindset with regards to COVID by looking on it as being endemic rather than pandemic.

Just How "Open"?

A discussion and some insight with regards to Thailand's plans to re-open according to a pledge made by the Prime Minister in June.