Due Diligence in PPE Purchases in Thailand

A video regarding the need to ascertain whether a business operator is legitimate before going into business with them.

So Is It About Public Health?...Or Control?

A talk on the continuing response to COVID in Thailand with a specific focus on the alcohol policy and the constant insistence that "bars and pubs are hot beds" for the virus spread.

Can Entertainment Establishments Reopen on Phuket?

Some information regarding travel to Phuket with a focus on whether visitors will actually be able to visit entertainment venues while on the island.

Is It Time Thailand Seriously Considers Legalized Gambling?

Another discussion on gambling in Thailand which is illegal but occurs regularly as can be seen from headlines in the newspapers.

Is Condescension One of the Cs in CCSA?

A general discussion and some insight on the general attitude that policy makers seem to have towards the public during this present COVID-19 situation.

Who Benefits?

Some insight into the lockdowns and mask mandates and whether there are actually any benefits to these measures.

How "Bad" Is the Pandemic in Thailand?

A discussion on the actual facts and figures of infected persons and deaths arising from the pandemic in Thailand.

Will "Existing Protocols Be Tightened" in Thailand?

A discussion and some insight with regards to the proposed tightening of lockdown measures in Thailand and whether they are the right way to go.

Will Thailand Really Reopen in October?

Some insight with regards to the outlook for Thailand and the economic impact the extended lockdown in having overall.

Why Does the Thai Public Keep Getting Blamed for the Pandemic?

Some insight into the pandemic which many news articles seem to indicate is the fault of the Thai public when in reality, the proximate cause of the virus is the virus.