Thailand "Fun Police" Chronicles: Gambling

A discussion on gambling which albeit may be legal in many countries, but in Thailand for the most part is considered illegal.

So Thailand Is a Nation of Children?

An opinion piece on a newspaper article which stated that many Thais were not able to control themselves during the pandemic which was very rankling in view of the fact that in 2020, most of the public willingly shut down everything at great loss to themselves in order to control the pandemic

Is the "Mask Mandate" in Thailand Legal?

Some information and insight into the recent requirement in Thailand regarding wearing masks when one leaves their homes and the fine that could be levied if caught without one.

Media Misconceptions & Mask Mandates in Thailand

A talk on the Mask Mandate in Thailand and the Rule of Reason which may be the best way to approach the wearing of masks when one is out in public.

Will Thailand Legalize Gambling Coming off of the COVID Pandemic?

A talk on gambling in Thailand and whether it will be legalized as a move to improve the economy which has suffered greatly due to the response to COVID.

"Night Time Restrictions" Not Curfews in Thailand

Some information regarding the times by which people are requested to remain indoors in different provinces in Thailand as a method to help prevent further spread of COVID.

What Is Happening to the Rule of Law in Thailand?

Some insight into what is happening in Thailand at the moment with regards to the Rule of Law, such as the Mask Mandate as an example.

Inconsistencies with Thailand's "Mask Mandate"?

Some legal analysis and insight on the requirement that one must wear a mask in Thailand when one leaves the home.

Mandatory Vaccination in Thailand?

A discussion and insight on the ethics and morality and also legality behind making vaccinations mandatory.

Can a Thai Company I Work For Own My Home?

Some insight with regards to a foreigner working for a Company that owns the home in which they reside and if there are any legal issues that could arise.