Update Regarding Cryptocurrency and ICO Issues in Thailand

The laws regarding digital currency issues in Thailand are rapidly evolving.

Update Regarding Digital Currency Issues in Thailand

Further information regarding so-called cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings in Thailand.

Update Regarding the Legalities of Digital Currency in Thailand

There have been relatively recent developments regarding the law on digital (or crypto) currency in Thailand.

Is the Airbnb Model Legal in Thailand?

The space sharing AirBnb model of doing accommodation rentals has run into legal roadblocks in Thailand.

Bankruptcy in Thailand: Governing Law, Legal Procedure, and Courts

The laws and regulations governing bankruptcy in Thailand were relatively recently enacted and are complex.

Developments Related to New Copyright Regime in Thailand

Authorities are creating institutions to combat copyright infringement and secure intellectual property protections in Thailand.

Reworking of Hotel and Guesthouse Licensing in Thailand

Thai authorities have decided to provide an amnesty to allow hotel operators to come into compliance with relevant law.

Bangkok Shutdown: What Is Closed?

The "soft shutdown" of Bangkok has resulted in the closure of many venues.

Thai Wills: What Is a Legatee?

Some information on Thai Wills specifically the meaning of "Legatee" in the context of a Will

What Is a Statutory Heir in Thailand?

A discussion on estate matters in Thailand specifically the meaning of a Statutory Heir.