US Passport Changes Likely to Restrict Travel for Sex Offenders

US passports will soon be required to have a unique marker to designate American travelers who are registered sex offenders.

The Child Citizenship Act

The provisions of the Child Citizenship Act provide a methodology for obtaining citizenship for children born to American citizens without automatically transmitted citizenship.

Naturalization to US Citizenship: Impact upon Visa Processing Times

Naturalizing to American Citizenship can result in substantial benefits for relatives of American citizens.

Thailand Permanent Residence: Nationality Quotas

Nationality can be an issue for those seeking permanent residence in Thailand as there are quotas designed to restrict the number of people granted residency each year depending upon their citizenship of origin.

Naturalization to Thai Citizenship

The naturalization process to become a Thai citizen is time consuming in some cases rather trying.

Does Thailand Allow Citizenship by Investment?

Although some countries allow citizenship via investment programs, Thailand is not such a jurisdiction.

The Difference between Thai Permanent Residence and Citizenship

Comparing and contrasting the legal aspects of Thai citizenship versus lawful permanent residence in Thailand.

Consular Reports of Birth Abroad for Thais Born Outside of Thailand

Thai CRBAs are often necessary to secure identity documentation for Thai children born outside of the Kingdom.

What to do if Stopped by Immigration When Entering the United States

Information about protocols associated with detention by United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP).

Immigration Coaches, Visa Agents, Notarios & Other Possible Scams

Unfortunately, there are a number of disreputable operators claiming an ability to provide insight into Immigration matters.