Integrity Legal Presents: The Immigator App

Introducing a mobile app for smartphones aimed at making the Immigration process more convenient.

Is CommonPass to be the "Immunity Passport" for Global Travel?

A brief talk about CommonPasss being looked at as a method to document health and COVID status for travellers.

Cambodian Immigration Now Requiring 14 Day Mandatory Quarantine

Some new information on the quarantine requirements for Cambodian Immigration

But I Read On the Internet....?

Some insight on why it is not always a good idea to believe all the information you read on the internet with regards to Immigration processing or visa processing

Thailand Is NOT Vietnam

Some insight into the differences between Thailand and Vietnam albeit being situated in the same part of the world.

Can an Embassy "Overrule" a Consulate?

Some information regarding whether or not decisions made by Consulates can be "overruled" by the Embassy.

Are Americans Increasingly Seeking Second Passports?

Some insight on whether it seems that the number of Americans who wish to have a second passport is increasing.

Passport Certification for Thai Amity Treaty Company Certification

Some information on getting one's passport notarized or certified in order to be used in the process of the Thai Amity Treaty Company Certification

This Ain't '98

Some insight into the Thai currency, specifically the exchange rate in '98 compared to the present time and the Immigration system.

Mandatory COVID Tests for ALL Foreigners in Thailand?

Some discussion and insight into whether COVID testing will become necessary for all foreigners in Thailand.