K-1 Visas, Public Charge, and Adjustment of Status

A discussion on K-1 Visas and the analysis associated with the financial ability of the American fiancé to support the foreign fiancé and also an analysis regarding the foreign fiancé to a lesser extent..

K-1 Visa Processing Update

An update on the US Immigration Process in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic specifically in the context of the Fiancé Visa which is getting back to normal.

Thai Single Status Affidavits for K-1 Visas

A talk on a unique piece of documentation that is required in order to file for a K-1 Fiancé Visa in Thailand.

K-1 Visas from Thailand: Issues with Medical Exams

An annual update regarding K-1 Visas specifically the process associated with Medical Exams.

ALERT: Major Shift in US Tourist, Fiancé, and Marriage Visa Processing?

Some information which may impact the visa process for some categories of US Visas.

Are K-1 Visas Faster than CR-1 or IR-1 Visas?

A quick comparison between US Fiancé Visas and US Spouse visas specifically regarding speed in the overall process.

ALERT: Suspension of US Consular Services in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Some advice for those in the North of Thailand in that the US Consulate in Chiengmai is temporarily suspending Consular Services.

US Tourist Visa Denial and K-1 Visa Application?

A discussion on applications for a K-1 Visa specifically issues that could arise if one has been denied for a US Tourist Visa.

UPDATE Regarding US Consulate in Chiang Mai Thailand

Some advice from the US Consulate in Chiengmai which has now reopened after being temporarily close for a short period.

K-1 Fiancée Visas: Why Is Everything Taking So Long?

A quick update on US Immigration specifically regarding the K-1 Visa Process which is now beginning to move slightly faster than previously.