Thailand Business Law: Thai Work Permits

Employment authorization is derived through approval of a Thai work permit.

Thailand Business Setup: Company Registration in Thailand

There are a number of prerequisites for setting up a business in Thailand.

Public Health and Safety Certificates for Restaurants in Thailand

Public health certification is especially important for those in the restaurant business in Thailand.

BOI Targeted Industries and the Smart Visa Program

There are 10 fields which authorities at the Board of Investment (BOI) in Thailand are trying to encourage foreign direct investment. One of the possible benefits for foreign investors in these fields may be issuance of a 4 year Smart Visa.

Rules Regarding Bar Closing Times in Bangkok, Thailand

An overview of the regulations governing bar closures in Thailand.

Thailand Labor Law: Notice Requirements for Employee Termination

Under Thai law, there may be requirements regarding termination notice of employees.

Thailand Labor Law: Employee Probation Periods

In Thailand, there are rules regarding initial probation periods for newly hired employees.

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Thai Company?

The costs associated with Thai corporate formation may vary case by case.

What Is the Cost of Setting Up an Amity Treaty Company in Thailand?

The costs associated with Amity Treaty Company registration and certification will vary depending upon the specific circumstances of a given case.

What Is the Cost of Setting Up a BOI Company in Thailand?

Information regarding the costs associated with establishing a Thai company promoted by the Thailand Board of Investment.