Due Diligence Issues with Respect to Shareholder ID on Thai Companies

Maintaining adequate records of a corporate entity's relevant stakeholders and officers is important in the Kingdom of Thailand.

The Possibility of Single Shareholder Companies in Thailand

Recent discussions have made the likelihood of single shareholder companies in Thailand seem highly probable in the future.

Thailand Noted as Best Country in the World for Business Startup

Thailand has been cited as the best country in the world for setting up a new business.

Thailand Poised to Be Business Hub of ASEAN

It appears that Thailand may very well become the major regional hub for manufacturing and trade within the ASEAN framework.

Yearly Audited Financial Statements and Shareholder ID on Thai Companies

Recent regulatory changes require further due diligence with respect to shareholder ID documentation.

Health Care Benefits Associated with a Work Permit in Thailand

Many of those who obtain a work permit in Thailand are permitted to enroll in the national health scheme.

Music Licensing for those Operating Restaurants or Bars in Thailand

Those in the Food & Beverage or Entertainment business are usually well aware of the requirement that such operations obtain licensing to air music either "canned" or live.

Trademark Registration In Thailand

Registering a trademark in Thailand is important. This is especially true as Thailand has not signed on to international agreements regarding international recognition of trademarks.

Board of Investment (BOI) Registration of a Company in Thailand

In Thailand, Board of Investment (BOI) certification can have substantially beneficial aspects for foreign investors and proprietors.