Proposed Changes to the Foreign Business Act in Thailand

Recent discussions have lead to the inference that the Thai Foreign Business Act may be changed.

Medical Examination Requirements for Thai Work Permits

A medical examination is often required for those lodging a Thai work permit application.

Can I have Two Work Permits in Thailand?

Is it possible to be work authorized on two companies in Thailand?

Thai Work Permit Issues for Companies with Multiple Offices

Companies that have multiple branch offices in Thailand must make specific provisions for those foreigners working in multiple offices.

Thailand Work Permits: What is the Definition of Work?

The actual definition of what constitutes "work" in Thailand can be important for foreign nationals in the Kingdom.

The Foreign Business Act and BOI Certification of Companies in Thailand

The Board of Investment can supersede the provisions of the Foreign Business Act in Thailand.

Thailand Corporate Law: Director Signing Authority

Corporate Directors in Thailand may or may not have signing authority to bind a Thai corporation.

Will There Be a Cap Placed on Work Permits in Thailand?

There is some speculation regarding whether Thai Labor officials will begin capping the number of work permits issued in Thailand.

Representative Offices and Foreign Business Licenses in Thailand

Information about how the Foreign Business Act operates with respect to Representative Offices in Thailand.

Authorities Discuss Implementation of IFRS 9 in Thailand

Information about corporate financial reporting in Thailand.