Officials in Thailand Discussing Online Taxation

Recently, Revenue Department Officials have been discussing the notion of taxing online transactions.

Mandatory Minimum Wages for Foreigners Working in Thailand

There is a statutorily defined minimum wage for foreigners working in Thailand. Work permits are also required for these individuals.

Update: Thai Minimum Wage & the Impact on Work Permits & Visas

The rules regarding minimum wages (and withholding requirements associated therewith) can have a substantial impact upon those foreign nationals with work permits and/or business visas in Thailand.

Thai Authorities Take Measures with Respect to Initial Coin Offerings - ICOs

Initial Coin Offerings are a very popular method of facilitating wide use of a cryptocurrency. However, as such initiatives are quite new, it is difficult to foresee how they will ultimately be regulated (if at all).

Discussion of VAT and Digital Currencies in Thailand

Information about Value Added Tax and the possibility of assessing such taxation upon cryptocurrency in Thailand

Thai Work Permits Associated With Representative Offices in Thailand

There has been some speculation regarding the rules with respect to Thai work permits and representative offices.

Will There be an Increase in VAT in Thailand?

There has been a great deal of speculation regarding the possibility of the value added rate being raised in Thailand.

VAT Rate Remains Unchanged in Thailand for Another Year

It appears that the value added tax (VAT) rate in Thailand will remain 7% into 2019.

Taxes Imposed on Offshore Companies Doing Business in Thailand

The Revenue Department in Thailand is increasingly keen to assess tax liability for offshore companies especially those engaged in business activity online.

The Importance of Payroll Filings in a Thai Immigration Context

Filing up to date payroll and social security documentation can have a substantial impact upon Thai visa application and extension proceedings.