The United States: One of the Best Offshore Jurisdictions

Although not often described as such, the USA can be a very stable and beneficial "offshore" investment destination for non-US Citizens or residents.

US Embassy Bangkok, Thailand: Announcement Regarding Social Security

Recently, the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand announced that all matters pertaining to expat social security will be dealt with through the Social Security office in Manlia, Philippines.

Is Thailand an "Offshore Jurisdiction"?

From an American tax perspective there are few appreciable benefits with respect to relative tax policy which would warrant placing the appellation "offshore jurisdiction" upon the Kingdom of Thailand.

American Tax Issues and Treaty of Amity Companies in Thailand

The US-Thai Treaty of Amity allows Americans to own 100% of a Thai company notwithstanding the Foreign Business Act, but there may be disclosure requirements with the US IRS.

US Tax Implications for Americans with Thai Company Ownership Interest

Americans who have beneficial or ownership interest in Thai corporations may be required to disclose or be liable for taxes depending upon the specific circumstances.

Foreign Currency Bank Accounts in Thailand

In Thailand, it is possible to open a bank account maintaining a balance in a foreign currency, including US dollars. This can be very beneficial for certain expats.

Expat Tax Issues for American Green Card Holders

Unbeknownst to some, those with lawful permanent residence in the USA have tax liability the same as US Citizens.

US Expat Taxes: FEIE, FBAR, and FATCA

The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, Foreign Bank Account Reporting requirements, and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act are all significant issues for American citizens living and working abroad

American Expat Tax: Capital Gains and CryptoCurrencies

Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite Coin, and the like are of increasing interest in recent months. However, as with other assets, there could be tax implications associated with capital gains.

US Tax Issues for Digital Nomads

There are rather novel and unique tax considerations which must be taken into account for so-called digital nomads.