American Expat Taxes and the Prospective Trump Tax Act

The proposed tax bill, once enacted, will likely change the American tax system fundamentally.

American Expat Tax Issues: The Trump Tax Bill

Discussion of details of the once-proposed, now enacted Trump Tax Plan.

Discussion on How Tax Reform May Impact Expats Abroad Part 1

Information about the internationals provisions of the recently promulgated Trump tax reform bill.

Update Regarding US Passport Cancellation for Tax Delinquency

Tax delinquency can be a grounds for having one's US passport revoked.

US Expat Tax Issues: Global Intangible Low Taxed Income (GILTI)

Provisions of newly promulgated tax law may cause issues for expats abroad.

American Expat Tax Issues: Thai Corporations & Deemed Repatriation

Foreign Controlled Corporations (including those in Thailand) may be treated differently in a tax context moving forward.

Discussion on How Tax Reform May Impact Expats Abroad Part 2

Further information on the implications of recently enacted tax reform regulations.

IRS to Shut Down Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

The Internal Revenue Service has announced they are taking steps to end the voluntary disclosure program.

American Expat Tax FAQ: Do I need to Pay Taxes Abroad?

Many Americans have misconceptions regarding their tax liability while living outside of the USA.

Thai and American Banks Share Expat Account Information

In recent years Thailand and the United States have finalized bilateral agreements to share banking information regarding their respective expatriates.