Discussion of E-commerce and Taxation in Thailand and the USA

Tax authorities in both Thailand and the USA are taking increasingly proactive measures in assessing taxes upon online commercial activity.

American Expats Given Reprieve from Deemed Repatriation Tax

The implementation of "deemed repatriation" tax has been delayed in order for people to better understand how the new laws will be applied.

USA Begins Passport Revocation for Delinquent Taxpayers

As has been previously discussed, American tax authorities have begun revoking US passports for those with outstanding tax liability.

United States Visa Applications: What is an IRS Non-filing Letter?

Oftentimes, issues arise with respect to financial documentation in an Immigrant visa applications. A non-filing letter from the IRS is a document some have trouble obtaining.

Has My US Passport Has Been Revoked Due to Tax Delinquency?

Under current law, if one has a tax deficiency with the IRS in excess of a statutory threshold a passport can be cancelled.

Thai Bank Accounts for Retirees: Tax Reporting for Americans

Those who have a bank account in Thailand with over 10,000 USD balance must report it to the US Treasury. This includes those maintaining such a balance for retirement visa purposes.

American Expat Banking in Thailand: What Is FATCA?

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act FATCA, can have ramifications for Americans banking in Thailand.

American Expat Taxes: What is the 1040 Form?

Americans abroad are required to file tax returns, the 1040 form is the main form for many Americans expats to perfect filing.

IRS Form 2555 and the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE)

Information about foreign earned income and exemptions for Americans living and working abroad.

Thai Retirement Visa Insurance for Americans: FATCA Issues

Americans retiring in Thailand may use a foreign bank balance as proof of finances, but this may then require reporting of the foreign bank account to FinCen.