Specific Tax Issues For American Expats In Thailand?

An article specifically for Americans regarding the upcoming change to Thai Tax policy and the fact that Thai and Amercian Tax Authorities share information with each other and if that could have implications on Americans in Thailand.

What Is An "Enrolled Agent" Of The American Internal Revenue Service?

A discussion to provide some clarification on Enrolled Agents of the IRS and how they compare to Tax Attorneys and also CPAs.

FBAR Filing Regarding Thai Bank Accounts For American Retirees

A talk regarding Bank Accounts that are held overseas by American citizens such as retirees in Thailand who maintain 800,000 Baht in a bank account for their retirement visa will have to file an FBAR.

American Expats In Thailand: Tax Filing Deadlines

A talk with regard to tax issues for American citizens who live abroad in that there is more than one deadline by which to complete the tax filing depending on circumstances.

Failure To File Tax Returns And The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

A talk regarding the Filing of Tax Returns for Americans who live outside of the US which is a requirement even for those whose income is lower that the threshold specified in the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.

Multiple Thai Bank Accounts And FBAR Reporting For Americans

A talk for Americans who maintain bank accounts overseas in that FBAR reporting is required for one's overseas accounts it the aggregate total is over S10,000, even if some accounts have no money in them.