Specific Business Tax on Real Estate Transactions in Thailand

There are taxes assessed on certain types of rental income in Thailand.

Duty Stamp for Real Estate Transactions in Thailand

There are specific duties related to various real estate transactions in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Thailand Real Estate and Property: What Is Key Money?

An often posed question, especially in the context of commercial space: what is key money?

What is the Land Office in Thailand?

The Thai Land Department is tasked with recording land title deeds as well as long term leases and other real estate instruments in Thailand.

Living in Thailand: Drafting a Will

Those foreign nationals living long term in Thailand should consider drafting a Will.

Is Tourism Really Declining in Thailand?

Although the numbers of tourists appear to be going down, some of the decline may be due to re-classification of certain people living in Thailand.

Extended Bar Closing Times Discussed in Thailand

Officials in Thailand are discussing extending the legal hours of operation of bars and pubs which are located on real estate in certain districts in Bangkok and Greater Thailand.

Thailand Wills: How Will an Estate Be Administered?

Information on probate and testamentary instruments in Thailand.

Buying Thai Property in the Aftermath of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the COVID-19 lock downs are lifted there are likely to be bargains in the Thai real estate market

Selling a House and Real Estate in Thailand

Information on perfecting the sale of a house or land in Thailand.