Foreigners "Buying Land At Inflated Prices" In Thailand?

A talk on the restrictions regarding foreigners buying land in Thailand for which one of the reasons is that Thai nationals can be priced out of their own market.

Will The Thai Land Code Be Amended To Target "Proxies"?

A talk on the Land Code in Thailand which states that foreigners cannot buy land in Thailand which although the Law itself will probably remain unchanged, regulations regarding enforcement of the Law could be tightened.

Thai Government Cutting Taxes On Property Transfer?

A talk on transfer fees for those who are considering buying property here in Thailand in that the Government is reducing the transfer fee and mortgage registration.

The Perils Of "El Cheapo" Wills In Thailand And Abroad?

A talk on drawing up a Will in Thailand specifically what one needs to beware of when choosing a firm to handle the matter, especially in a binational context.

What About Silver In Thailand

This talk is about silver specifically the reason why it may not be as popular to buy compared to gold in Thailand.

Lifetime Property Leases In Thailand?

A talk on leasing property in Thailand for which the maximum time period possible is 30 years and therefore a usufruct may be more beneficial to a foreign national.

Property Transfer Fees For Condos Transferred Pursuant To A Thai Will

This talk goes into fees when bequeathing a Condo in Thailand to another person whereby a fee is levied when the Condo is transferred.

The Gold "Fire Rises" In Thailand And Greater Asia?

This is a talk on the Gold Market which has seen price increases amid geopolitical tensions, with the price of Thai Gold reaching an all time high.

Tax Issues, Wills, And "Probate" In Thailand?

A talk regarding conveying property via Wills in Thailand specifically that in some cases, such as title transfer, payment of some tax may be necessary.