K-1 Visa Thailand: Do I Have to Marry My Thai Fiancee?

Information on the regulations regarding K-1 fiancee visas.

K-1 Visa Thailand: IMBRA and Multiple Filings

The International Marriage Broker Regulation Act has ramifications upon the number of K-1 visa petitions which can be filed.

Random Inspections in Thai Business Visa Applications

Unannounced inspections are becoming increasingly frequent in Thai business visa applications.

US Visa Thailand: I-601 Waivers for Fraud and Misrepresentation

Information about the I-601 waiver for fraud and misrepresentation.

Can Thai Work Permits Be Obtained Online?

Information about the future possibility of online issuance of work authorization in Thailand.

Can I Get a 1 Year Thai Visa If I Own a Condominium in Thailand?

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Can I Work In Thailand On A Retirement Visa?

Information about retirement visas and work authorization in Thailand

K-4 Visa Thailand: The Derivative Visa for Children of K-3 Visa Holders

The K-4 visa is the visa category for children of the US K-3 Marriage Visa.

Thailand Visa Law: Land Border Entry Rules Tightening

Regulations pertaining to overland entry into Thailand are becoming increasingly stringent.

Immigration Options for Step-Children of Americans: K2, K4, and IR2 Visas

Derivative visas offer immigration options for the step children of US Citizens.