How to Transfer a Thai Visa From an Old Passport to a New Passport

Moving a Thai visa from a previous passport to a newly issued passport can be a rather complex endeavor

US Visas, The Violence Against Women Act, and Lift of Conditions

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provides beneficial options for abused spousal immigrants in the USA.

K-1 Visas from Thailand and Issues Regarding Advance Parole

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The K-1 Visa: Is Employment Authorized?

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Recent Changes to US Immigration Forms

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Ascertaining Qualifications of an Immigration and Nationality Attorney

Unfortunately, fake lawyers posing as genuine practitioners can cause serious issues.

Thai Visa Holders Refused Admission by Immigration

Information about how Thai Immigration has increasingly begun refusing admission to some of those coming to Thailand.

Denial of Admission by Royal Thai Immigration Police

Refusal of admission is becoming an increasingly common occurrence in Thailand.