Things to consider before traveling to Thailand

An article which delves into the visa issues associated with Thailand. A good read for those thinking of traveling to Thailand and remaining long term.

Permanent Residence in the Kingdom of Thailand

This article and video provides information about the process of obtaining Lawful Permanent Residence in the Kingdom of Thailand

Overstaying in Thailand: The Thai Immigration Blacklist

An overview of Thailand's Immigration blacklist and how overstaying in the Kingdom can result in blacklisting.

Thailand Tourist Visa Extensions

Information about extending tourist visas in Thailand

Is Thai Immigration Getting More Difficult?

In recent weeks and months Thai Immigration has tightened up enforcement procedures as well as rules regarding visas for those who wish to remain in the Kingdom long term.

How to Transfer a Thai Visa From an Old Passport to a New Passport

Moving a Thai visa from a previous passport to a newly issued passport can be a rather complex endeavor

Denial of Admission by Royal Thai Immigration Police

Refusal of admission is becoming an increasingly common occurrence in Thailand.

Random Inspections in Thai Business Visa Applications

Unannounced inspections are becoming increasingly frequent in Thai business visa applications.

Can Thai Work Permits Be Obtained Online?

Information about the future possibility of online issuance of work authorization in Thailand.

Can I Get a 1 Year Thai Visa If I Own a Condominium in Thailand?

Information about visa options associated with Thai Condo ownership.