A Thai Visa Tip for Those Taking A Long Vacation in Thailand

There are various actions people can take to mitigate the time and frustration inherent in dealing with Thai immigration matters.

Applying for a 4-year Smart Visa in Thailand

The process of applying for a 4 year Smart Visa in Thailand is rather complex and time consuming.

Does Thailand Have a Permanent Residence by Investment Program?

Strictly speaking, Thailand does not allow permanent residence by investment.

What Do I Do If I Get Stopped by Thai Immigration Police?

Information on dealing with a detention or inspection by Royal Thai Immigration Police at a Border Checkpoint.

Thai Immigration Inspections in Business Visa Application Cases

In recent months there have been increasing number of immigration inspections in Thailand. Now it appears that in all cases involving the extension of a Thai business visa an inspection will be routine.

Updates Regarding Immigration Crackdowns in Thailand

It is becoming increasingly common to discuss immigration crackdowns in Thailand as Thai Immigration police increase enforcement activities and upgrade their technology in order to round up more illegal aliens in the Kingdom.

Insights into Thai Immigration Policy Paradigm Shift

It is becoming increasingly clear that immigration policy in Thailand is changing and the mindset of policymakers seems to be shifting as well.

Why Can Some Use the One-Stop Immigration Center and Others Can’t?

The disparity regarding use of the One-Stop Visa and Work Permit Center is confusing to some.

How Many 30 Days Stamps Can I Get to Stay in Thailand?

There are specific rules with respect to the number of 30 day stamps which will be issued to those staying long term in Thailand.

Why Does Getting a Thai Visa Seem So Difficult?

Obtaining, maintaining, and extending visas in Thailand seems to be getting ever more difficult.