Thailand Visa Extension: Issues Associated with 90 Day Reporting

Reporting one's address every 90 days to Immigration officials is required for those living in Thailand on a non-immigrant visa.

The Thailand Elite Card

Information about the Thailand Elite Card and the Immigration privileges associated therewith.

Thailand Permanent Residence

Being granted permanent residence in Thailand is a rather daunting endeavor. The legal requirements can be difficult to overcome.

10 Year Retirement Visas in Thailand

Recently, legislation was passed in Thailand allowing for 10 year retirement visas for qualified individuals.

Thai Business Visas and the Importance of WP3

A WP3 employment pre-authorization may be necessary prior to business visa approval for Thailand.

Thailand Immigration Blacklist Implications of Overstaying

Overstaying one's status in Thailand can have significant ramifications.

Thailand Business Visas: Information Regarding Requirements

Information regarding the prerequisites for Thai business visa application.

Thailand Elite Card: Elite Easy Access Membership

There are multiple categories under the Elite Card program in Thailand. The Elite Easy Access Membership is one of them.

Comparing the Elite Card and Permanent Residence in Thailand

There are significant differences between the Thailand Elite Card program and Permanent Residence.

Thailand Elite Program: Elite Superiority Extension Membership

The Thailand Elite Program provides substantial Thai visa benefits to members.