An Analysis of Long Term Specialized Visas in Thailand

Recently, Thai authorities have discussed new long term specialized visa categories. These coupled with previous long term immigration benefits should be analyzed to decide if they can be of use to specific foreigners in Thailand.

The One Stop Visa and Work Permit Center in Thailand

For certain companies, it may be possible to enjoy expedited visa and work permit processing at the 1 stop immigration centers in Thailand.

Thai Immigration Authorities Take Measures to Decrease Processing Time of Incoming Travelers

Recently, Immigration officials in Thailand have taken steps to speed up the processing times associated with arrivals and departures at visa checkpoints in Thailand.

Cancellation of a Work Permit in Thailand

The circumstances under which a Thai work permit can be cancelled or revoked are important for foreign nationals to understand.

Triple Entry Tourist Visas and the 6 Month Tourist Visa Scheme

Comparing the old "triple entry" tourist visa system with the new 6 month multiple entry tourist visa scheme.

Update Regarding 10 Year Retirement Visas in Thailand

The 10 year retirement visa scheme has come into force in Thailand

Can I Work In Thailand On A Retirement Visa?

Working in Thailand while present on a retirement visa is strictly prohibited.

Thai O Visas for Spouses of Work Permit Holders

The Thai O visa can be obtained by those who are married to a foreign national with a work permit in Thailand.

Retirement Visas for Thailand

The O visa can be issued specifically for those wishing to retire in Thailand.

Where Do I Apply For a Thai Visa?

Sometimes it can be beneficial to do a bit of "forum shopping" when seeking a Thai visa outside Thailand or the ASEAN region.