Happy Holidays from Integrity Legal

Just a quick video to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a brighter 2022.

The Return of Certificates of Entry to Thailand?

Some information regarding entry to Thailand in that it now appears that Certificates of Entry are again back in use for those wishing to travel to Thailand for the foreseeable future.

Many Immigration Systems Are Difficult, You Just Don't See Yours

A quick talk on the various Immigration systems and how they are very similar in that most are difficult to deal with.

Thai Immigration Officers' Adjudicatory Discretion

A quick discussion on the discretion that is awarded to Immigration Officers in the adjudication of visas.

"Quality Tourists," Seriously?

A quick talk on Tourism and the number of tourists to Thailand which have drastically reduced over the past two years making the notion of "quality vs. quantity" rather odd.

So That Was High Season?

A quick talk on the "High Season" which was short lived due to the suspension of the "Test and Go" scheme.

Is Asia Becoming More Difficult to Access for Westerners?

Some insight with regards to the possibility that in the future, Asia may become more difficult for holders of Western Passports to access.

Could All Travel Restrictions to Thailand End in 2022?

A brief talk on travel to Thailand which hopefully will start to become easier as the situation returns to normalcy.

Can Thailand "Instill Confidence" in Foreign Travelers?

Some insight regarding travel to Thailand and the hope that the most recent re-introduction of "Test & Go" will succeed in bringing back tourists.

Is "Bleisure" Travel the Future of Tourism in Thailand?

A talk on "Bleisure", which is a new paradigm in Thailand to stimulate the Tourism Sector which blends business and leisure.