Do Americans Need To Worry About The Thai Foreign Business Act?

This talk is regarding American businesses in Thailand which are able to utilize the US-Thai Treaty of Amity which grants national treatment albeit with certain restrictions.

Foreigner's Passing Shines Light On Thai Law?

This video goes into estate planning in Thailand specifically that Wills and Estate planning need to comply with Thai Law in order to avoid future problems

"Nominee Groups" Do Not Proceed Correctly Per Thai Law?

This talk goes into the issue of company setups that use nominees that not only are detrimentally effecting legally set up corporations, but may also result in losing one's assets.

Officials Focusing On Foreign Involvement In Thai "Real Estate Firms"?

This is a discussion on restricted occupations in Thailand on which Thai Authorities are now inspecting companies believed to be in violation of the restrictions.

Commercial Leasing For Thai Businesses?

This is a talk on setting up a business in Thailand specifically issues pertaining to leasing premises whereby a well drawn up lease is very important.

American Amity Treaty Companies In Thailand's EEC?

This talk goes into doing business in the EEC specifically for Amity Treaty Companies in that those Amity companies may also be able to seek EEC concessions.

Office Space And Issues With Thai Business Visa Inspection?

This is a talk on the need to have the correct documentation in order to do business in Thailand as Thai Immigration is increasing inspections of new office premises

Can Owners Of A Thai-American Amity Treaty Company Work Without A Permit?

This talk goes into Amity Treaty Companies here in Thailand specifically that owning and working in such a company does not exempt one from needing work authorization.

American Amity Treaty Companies In Thailand?

This talk is to give a brief review regarding setting up a company in Thailand specifically for Americans in that they can avail themselves of the US-Thai Amity Treaty.